Seed-stage cash grants and venture development for University of Pennsylvania startups.
Managed by students in the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program.

About the M&T Innovation Fund

The M&T Innovation Fund is a University- and M&T-backed student run organization looking to provide value creation for seed-stage ventures. Along with value creation tasks, non-equity grants will be provided for specific expenses.

The Fund is managed and operated by current M&T students from all class years. Faculty advisers, M&T Program administration, and M&T alumni act as support for the Fund.

The Fund is similar to an incubator or accelerator. Candidate ventures should be as interested in venture development as they are in the non-equity grants. Grants may total as much as ~$3000.

The Fund will only give out grant money for expenses that are 1) specific, 2) near-term, and 3) related to the venture development in which the Fund is involved. That is, the Fund is not interested in handing out non-equity grants for "black box" expenses, or for expenses a venture anticipates having in a year's time.

The M&T Innovation Fund Difference

The M&T Innovation Fund differentiates itself as a unique provider of both financial and strategic support for the ventures it selects. Receiving a grant from the Fund will provide initial capital that can help get seed stage ventures closer to their goals. Perhaps more importantly, chosen startups can leverage the varied experiences and insights of current students, who will provide critical strategic insights into bringing a product to market. These companies can also gain valuable connections and mentorship from successful M&T alumni to further their venture.


Healthie is a web & mobile interface for dietitians to manage their entire practice on one platform (coordinate scheduling and billing, share documents electronically, monitor patient health, and conduct virtual visits). By offering a turnkey solution for dietitians to see more patients, we aim to reduce existing shortages of nutritional care to curb chronic disease and weight-related conditions and provide access in underserved communities.

Quixaro is an online hub for student-student collaboration – a social network aimed at transforming the solitary process of studying into a dynamic, interactive experience. It's the only place on the web where students can both hang out with one another and actually study on the same platform.

Local Aventura is a marketplace platform, similar to AirBnb, that allows travelers seeking authentic experiences to book tours with Local Guides in Latin America who are passionate about sharing their culture. We provide customers with the ability to search through adventures, book tours instantly, and make easy, cashless payments electronically, and in advance. We believe that by connecting people from disparate parts of the globe and allowing them to explore the world together, we can improve it.

Prayas Analytics brings the power of data to the in-store customer checkout experience. They help large brick-and-mortar retailers with smarter labor modeling, more effective queue management, and customer experience enhancement. This is done by calculating key metrics such as average queue lengths, associate engagement, and customer abandonment. Importantly, there is no hardware setup required - Prayas’ technology plugs in seamlessly with existing loss prevention systems ensuring low capex and extremely quick deployment.

Oncora Medical is the first commercial predictive analytics platform for radiation oncology. Oncora applies cutting edge machine learning techniques to leverage historical patient data, advanced imaging data, insurance claims data, and specific radiation dose information to help physicians provide the best possible treatments for cancer patients.

GTrack Technologies is developing novel chemical tracers for use in reservoir characterization in the oil and gas industry. These tracers are cheap, safe, and incredibly accurate in measuring reservoir data to increase oil extraction efficiency.

CLVMetrics is a web-based platform that implements/extends cutting-edge models developed/popularized by co-founder Professor Peter Fader. Their web application estimates and forecasts CLV and related metrics for every customer. It is fast, simple, and seamlessly integrates with firms’ existing CRM and transaction systems, providing valuable insights that enable immediate action. CLVMetrics helps firms leverage their existing data assets to better achieve customer-centric success.

LeapYear is an enterprise platform for securely computing on sensitive data. Leveraging the latest research in machine learning and cryptography, LeapYear enables organizations to utilize all of their data assets with proven assurances of privacy and security.


The M&T Innovation Fund is supported by the University of Pennsylvania, the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program, and M&T alumni as well as various corporate sponsors.

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The Team

The Investment Team

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Rudra Puri

Rudra is a junior in the M&T Program studying Materials Science, Finance, and Entrepreneurial Management. He is interested in energy and nanotechnology and venture investing, and hopes to work in venture capital as it relates to those industries. He has previously worked at Seedcamp, a seed-stage investment fund in pan European technology startups and at Arcadia Investment Partners, a private equity firm. He loves to cook, swim, and travel whenever the opportunity arises.

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Rob Lawrence

Rob is a junior in the M&T Program studying Systems Engineering, Finance, and Accounting. He has previously interned at CB Insights writing about startup and VC trends, and at an investment firm. He is interested in hardware and telecom, and aims to work with TMT investments. In his free time, he likes to bike around Philadelphia and listen to podcasts.

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Olivia Chen

Olivia is a senior in M&T studying Systems Engineering, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. She has previously worked at CB Insights, Arena Investors, and Capital One. On campus, she is also involved in MUSE Consulting and Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group. In her free time, Olivia enjoys cooking, reading, and going to concerts.

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Akhil Ganti

Akhil is a sophomore in the M&T Program studying Computer Science, Finance, Statistics. He is especially interested in artificial intelligence and, in particular, natural language processing. In addition to the M&T Innovation Fund, he works as a research assistant in the Wharton Marketing department and is involved with the Wharton Investment & Trading Group. In his free time, Akhil enjoys playing pool, practicing the piano and saxophone, and reading.

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Raja Atluri

Raja is a junior in the M&T program studying Computer Science, Finance, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He is interested in financial technology and digital media. He has previously worked in growth equity focusing on opportunities in the tech-enabled logistics space and at a search fund. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and finding new music.

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Megan Kotrappa

Megan is a freshman in the M&T program studying Bioengineering, Finance, and Management. She is interested in biotechnology, specifically pharmaceutics, and previously worked with a biotech startup in Southern California. In addition to the M&T Innovation Fund, Megan is also involved in Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society Consulting, Club Basketball, and Photography for Penn’s Spoon University Chapter.

The Value Creation Team

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Reuben Abraham

Reuben is a sophomore in the M&T Program studying Computer Science, Management, and Finance. He has previously worked as a Residential Teaching Assistant for M&TSI and as an intern at Polarcus Inc, an Oil and Gas Exploration Company in Dubai. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket, discovering new music, and playing video games.

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Sam Burns

Sam is currently a freshman in the M&T Program studying Materials Engineering and Business Analytics. She's worked with several entrepreneurial incubators in the past including the Martin Trust Center at MIT and the Weiss Tech House at Penn. In addition to the M&T Innovation Fund, she is a Project Manager on the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund, Corporate Committee member on the M&T Board, and a member of the Penn Mock Trial Team. She also works on an entrepreneurial finance research team at Wharton.

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Rohun Patel

Rohun is a junior in the M&T Program studying Electrical Engineering and Operations, Information and Decisions. His interests include product and hardware design, reading about consumer tech, and other developing technologies. He has previously worked as an intern at KPMG's Bangalore office. In his free time, Rohun enjoys skiing and listening to music.

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Jacob Kahn

Jacob is a junior in the M&T Program from the Chicago area studying Computer Science, Business Analytics, and Management. His interests include tech of all shapes and sizes, astrophysics, and the philosophy of science. He is a former and future software engineer at Facebook, and was one of the directors of PennApps during the 2016-2017 year. In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing guitar or piano, following politics and world news, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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Frank Fan

Fangyi (Frank) is a freshman in the M&T Program studying Electrical Engineering and Finance. He is interested in hardware design and artificial intelligence. He has worked at Bosch before, the world's largest supplier of automotive components. Besides M&T Innovation Fund, he is involved with the Technology Entrepreneurship Club, Wharton Asia Exchange, and a Chinese A Capella. He enjoys outdoor adventures and playing the accordion.

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Sina Golkari

Sina is freshman in the M&T Program studying Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurial Management, and Finance. His interests include product design, automotive engineering, and biotechnology. In the past, he worked for a medical device startup in the Boston area. On campus, he is also a member of the Penn Electric Racing team.

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Micah Zirn

Micah is a freshman in the M&T program studying Computer Science and Finance and seeking a minor in nanotechnology. He is interested in iOS development and ran track competitively in high school. He previously interned at ARCOM capital, a natural gas commodity trading firm. In addition to the M&T Innovation Fund, Micah spends time with the Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club and the Penn Innovation Conference.

Faculty Advisors

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Boon Thau Loo

Boon's research focuses on distributed data management systems, Internet-scale query processing, and the application of database technologies to networked systems. He is particularly interested in developing information-centric network architectures that can be easily extended, composed, and formally verified. His recent projects include applying declarative networking techniques in the areas of dynamic network composition, adaptive mobile ad-hoc networks, and scalable knowledge-based networks. He is also exploring novel database-inspired techniques for diagnosing, securing, and verifying network protocols.

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Want to learn more about the M&T Innovation Fund? Interested in participating in the Fund as a sponsor or mentor? Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions and inquiries.